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Grandma Friends - Chubby old granny and young dude (6 min) 1

Grandma Friends – Chubby old granny and young dude (6 min)

I will serve you,
Angus picked up the conversation thread….

Grandma Friends - Chubby old granny and young dude (6 min) 2

Grandma Friends – Chubby old granny and young dude (6 min)

Why is it so easy
for me to fall in love
For my heart so easy
to be preyed on

For is it his words
or the dreams I have
Being held
by all means I got to have him
I want it soo bad

For the first time he wrote me a poem
I felt something
Not because he was finally my age
but because the connection

Kinda phoney
But atleast he tried
to feel my pride
with his feelings inside

Prolonging my sentence
to dust without him
I feel like this is a lifetime
so long I've found a picture of him
So long becuase this life's crime

For he often tells me how strong his mind is
and how much he will give it to me
but I can't cum all by myself
and keep feeling his same unfelt kiss

For am I addicted to love
do I need someone that bad
For the dream I had
was so sensitive to feel
I could feel everything
He was there
Dark skin
arms like the true man

I felt every touch he gave to me
For when he touched my thy
my eyes felt shy
For when he kissed my lips
my knees trembled
for when he laid me down
for I felt like a crown had been placed on his head

Looking at him everyday
with him never knowing what I said
Or could he
We catch eyes
And look deeply
as if surprised
that we love each other
Or is it just me

I don't know
Love is too much my friend
broken up
now back together again
No breaks does love give to me
Please peace
can this love bring me serenity

With this dream
I gave plenty pleasure
To myself
Thinking about it everyday
And the sound of him saying
Softly whispered in my ears

As my back lay on the soft bed
I feel him corresing me
as my legs softly spread
going down kissing me
every milisecond
I fall more into him
The blink of my eyes
don't make it much better
for I find out
That heats him more
For to him
My eyes he does adore
So he goes down
First to kiss
then to suck
then to lick
then to fuck
Its all about me
And love found me agian
I wonder if this will end
just like all the others

This time though
My African knight
fucked me
with a lions ferosity
And my eyes
want to open
Who can help it
They did
And here we go agian
I'm awake
To nothing
but this empty room
and the new day of doom
without my love
So soon to come

Duration: 6 minChannel: Grandma FriendsCountry: Afghanistan

Date: November 14, 2021